Wild Slot Machines

The reimbursement rates must be specified for each slot machine and are among the most frequently misinterpreted data in the entire casino landscape. A 92% payback rate sounds fantastic. As yet nothing can go wrong, you get the million!

This number does not mean that you have a 92% chance of winning! Had it would be so, then no one will work more, but live only on the slot machine and earn a few cents thousands. This is - as you may have noticed already - not the case.

92% repayment rate mean you from every euro you invest into the slot machines, get back an average of 92 cents. In other words, it means that you lose eight cents per euro set. This is a mathematical means. You will find very large fluctuations in these statistics, while sitting at the slot machines - misunderstood by many players as a chance or bad luck. The trick is to quit while the statistic is well-disposed towards you.

The best way to keep your losses under control, is to utilize the slot machine probabilities as meaningful as possible. In this sense, you should only play on slot machines that can show a repayment rate of 97%.

This is the online casino quite simple, there will be all the data entered directly on the screen. In real casinos, the story is somewhat different. There, the best slot machines are usually in the areas with the largest audience passage. This is what passersby pay off the slot machines far more often than they do on average.