21 Blackjack Game

The rules of this game read at first glance to our simple, namely blackjack is not difficult to learn. The blackjack rules are in principle very simple, but can be learned quickly and straightforward rule sets the player a world of complex strategy, blackjack system open and exciting moves. Must work good money Contests: Simple Blackjack rules, complex game.

It is no coincidence that of all the most popular Casino Blackjack money competitions in general. Once you master the blackjack rules completely, you can use the blackjack online game not only to experience hours of fun and excitement, and you can also make considerable profit!
The goal of the game

The basic principle of blackjack rules (whether in live casino or blackjack online play) provides that you can approach with your hand of cards as close as possible to 21 points - at best reach 21 points exactly - without going over. This applies to cash games as well as with the casino blackjack free play. To this end, each card in the game a certain point value assigned according to blackjack rules.

Number cards are counted in Black Jack rules according to their image (live and of course when play blackjack online, in real-money version, as well as in casino blackjack free) - you should know learn blackjack: Court cards in blackjack count ten points . Aces Blackjack counts as a special card: It is worth 11 points, unless you were about to buy these 11 points (including "Bust"), and thus have more than 21 points on the hand.