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The online industry has succeeded in developing the perfect framework to exploit any commercial activities that create more value for everyone, but this position also involves dealing with one of the most dangerous criminal behavior that has developed in parallel with This new online marketplace. The sector of online gaming market is one of the most affected by this new facet crime in cyberspace, an issue that the law firm's market area of new information and communication technologies, the Association of the Bar National Experts ACT (emetic), wanted to try this past Thursday, March 14 in the auditorium of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers for the conference "Cyber crime in online environments", an event focused on topics very large number of use cases bank card fraud and identity theft.

The event brought a large cast of all parties involved in Public Safety because cyber crime has been at the top of the ranking of international crime, a fact that has been under investigation closely by the body Interpol international police. The state security agencies in our country had their representation in the presence of Crime Telemetric Group of the Guardia Civil (GET) and the Technological Investigation Brigade of the National Police (BIT), which expressed their concern over the increase case of infringements in cyberspace face "attacks on the image and honor of the people, derived from threats, libel made remotely, with corresponding damage to its reputation online, and the difficulties of quantifying the harm caused of such crimes.

The conference on cyber crime had the opportunity to involve the same government sent a representative to the regulatory body of the game, the deputy director of the General Regulation of the Game Management.