Wheel Of Fortune

In those same venues was also the American roulette with the now infamous among players as double zero. The profits of the saloons were not high enough to make the owner of the roulette tables could pay off big wins too often. So they devised a simple way to increase their house edge - the American roulette with his double zero was the result.

At this time the roulette had long found its place in all the casinos on the continent above all of course in the legendary Casino of Monte Carlo. The game remained in Europe very long at the upper crust. For the step "down" only had to invent the Internet.

The network brought the breakthrough product for the classic casino games and the roulette history. Online Roulette was one of the top five online casino games at all and within a few weeks, the new favorite game of countless players around the globe. There is now not a single online casino in which you will not find a roulette. Every day, millions of euros on the roulette table - a surprising amount of it in the form of players winning.

And so a game from the middle ages came to the screen of your computer. The circle closes roulette history here. A journey that began centuries ago somewhere, ends in the virtual world and at the tables of countless casinos around the globe. How the roulette story continues, probably no one can say. But one thing is certain: It will continue to be a successful roulette history. In the 1930s, the roulette learned with the legalization of gambling in Nevada, a true recovery and an important point in the history of the game.