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The big news about the process of buying and selling land that will host Alorton Euro Vegas was definitely the demise of the stock market, the real estate company more involved in the project of the European city of the game; Metrical, following the takeover of exclusion, is removed from the floor of the stock market at a time where the business of the ground seemed to be one of the most prosperous, a fact that has been subsequently denied following recent events featuring the landowners north of Alorton.

The floor seems to have been Alorton last hopes of real estate and smallholder owners to exploit the situation with a gradual increase of the sales price of the land, the collective owners fear a government expropriation as well made with other projects involving a public infrastructure within the road network and public highway of the state, in this case, within the Community of Madrid. Now the business seems to have moved to another sector of the market which is a fundamental piece of this puzzle that represents the construction sector.

Manufacturers and distributors of building materials are now entities that could benefit from the establishment of complex macro Euro Vegas game, from among them, highlights one of the biggest names in the industry which it has two products more transcendental and industry innovators.