Spinning Wheel Game

From its uncertain beginnings in Europe about the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, to the ultra modern Internet casinos that inspire today millions of players - over the centuries has been roulette to the famous gambling with all his infectious charm, that we know today and love.
Getting Started

Exactly where and when the roulette story begins, it is unclear how it should be for a good casino game. Most historians believe that the game of chance with the wheel is as old as the wheel itself - or only slightly younger. There are indications that the number wheel was imported from Asia via the Silk Road, but this theory can not prove valid.

The first solid evidence in roulette history is related to the French philosopher Blaise Pascal, the 17th Century lived. He mentioned for the first time the "small wheel" - from the French: le roulette.

In the new world, the roulette came with the French settlers. At first it appeared in the French colonies Louisiana and Quebec, in the casinos, it was found for the first time in New Orleans. There it enjoyed especially among the rich of the city very popular, as was the case in Europe.

When the people penetrated deep into the American West, the settlers took their chance with themselves. So found the roulette wheel sits alongside the poker tables in the saloons of the West and was first played by players of all walks of life.