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Many it is just the game macro resort and convention center, which has brought chaos to the country following the recent scandals in developer Las Vegas Sands, but recently the country is seeing a large number movements in both the labor market and in the stock market.

All because of the new horizons of business that the country intends to achieve by implementing the two most ambitious projects of the last decade, and BAN Euro Vegas World. These new macro resorts with gaming deals are projected as a major source of job creation for the country as needed.

The new gambling market in Spain is in full expansion and development requires better and more efficient tools with which to operate their business in different gambling establishments and on new gaming platforms in the network.

This urge to achieve excellence in the service offered is making the labor market of the Madrid Autonomous Community is involved greatly in achieving Euro Vegas, another factor that adds to the long list of variables that Las Vegas Sands required to continue with the project. This has certainly been the idea that led to a group of professional and local casinos games Madrid to start a new project for the region's labor market, dealers Maverick School.

The school will be the second entity to become part of this new sector of education, some courses were taught exclusively by the casinos themselves to form your own template.