Online Craps Games

The craps live or online competition may be at first glance, one of the most complex casino games online (such as blackjack poker or roulette) and appear Craps very complicated, but in reality the game is quite easy to learn, as quickly as possible a lot of money win free can. If you have gathered only once in the craps strategies and craps rules, you all will be very easy to go out of hand.

In terms of who wins and loses, the craps live or online sweepstakes little different than many other online casino games (such as slot machines or blackjack, poker, for example). The basic idea of craps gambling online and live is that players bet either that the shooter made her "point" or not. They live in the live casino or internet casino gambling with the shooter, if you are hoping that this ewer the point, and you are betting against him, if you are hoping that this will not happen.

There are two rules of craps bets that can be made only at the beginning of the game (the "Coming Out Roll"): Betting The "Pass" and "Do not Pass". To bet on pass, placing a bet on the pass line directly. The shooter rolls a "natural", a seven or eleven, you win. If one, however, a two, three or twelve, you lose the game.

The Do not Pass bet is the exact opposite. Would you prefer to bet against the shooter, so you place your bet on the Do not Pass line. (Also called "even money") on the Do not Pass bet wins at odds of 1:1 if the shooter rolls a Coming Out in Two or Three. If the shooter rolls a point in the first litter (see below) and is a seven before the point is thrown again, the do not pass bet also wins.