Online Blackjack Game

Blackjack is a fairly easy game. You must score more points if the bank with your cards, but you will come over 21 than the dealer wins. For the bank the same applies. You remain under the 21 and the bank, then you win. Does your card combination exactly 21 and the bank, then you win. The same is of course also possible. If the score remains below 21, nothing happens.

It is intended, even in the online blackjack variant that you come as close as possible to 21, because the one with the highest combination wins. Do you play with more players? This does not affect your performance or that of the dealer. Each separate plays against the dealer.

In both mainstream and online blackjack you know the cards one value. The cards with numbers, the value of the digit. A 10 is worth 10 points, so a 3 3 points. The woman, the king and the farmer are all worth 10 points. The ace is 1 or 10 points worth, this should you decide. It is the intention of all your cards you will make a combination and the values ??to count together. The colors do not count.

Each player in turn, after they receive two cards. The dealer also get yourself a map, which is invisible to the players. Now, each player play his hand until he is finished or fits. Then the dealer plays his hand in a steady rhythm. He fits as his hand is 17 or more. You can only have Blackjack as you get with the first two cards directly 21. This is possible with an ace and a 10 or an Ace and a picture.